Scat Art, a new innovative form of improvised mixed media was coined by visual artist Natasha Jane. Her creations conceptualize diverse layers of texture, including various forms of paper and other natural materials cut by hand to define her canvas. Highly influenced by indigenous culture, Natasha's pieces reflect an inner strength and majesty within each frame work. The avant-garde nature within her art is bold yet regal. Natasha works to convey a sense of uplifting and generosity of spirit.

Today Natasha's repertoire also includes wearable art, which primarily features her inaugural piece, "Nachami." The artwork is her vision of a Queen of Queens who reflects love, grace and wisdom of the ages. Natasha's goal is to empower her customers in feeling a sense of inner magic wearing her art, which is what happens within herself as she brings her creations to life.  New original pieces featuring, "K.I.N.G." and "The Alluring Woman" are also featured as wearable art and high end shower curtain art.

Natasha Jane is also a singer and music teacher. She cites Romare Bearden and Pablo Picasso as her most revered artists.